Journey of life

Up until 6 years ago, my life was settled. Prior to six years ago, my life followed a pretty bog standard pattern - I left school, knowing that I wanted to become a teacher. I went to University, graduated, got a job, bought my first flat, met my now husband, got married, we bought a [...]


Happy Holidays

Over the past 6 months, I have seen and heard an increasing number of tales about the 'challenges' faced by adopters. These come from a variety of sources with some stories coming directly from fellow adopters but mostly from the media. You only need to look at the results of the latest Adoption UK, File [...]

Pie in the Sky School

As a teacher, I was never interested in taking up a promoted post, particularly that of Headteacher. My heart was always in the classroom and not within an office dealing with all the issues many Headteachers face. As a teacher, my heart also was very much in the actual teaching - not the paperwork and [...]

Responding to the media

Tuesday was a complete whirlwind of a day. It started bright and early at 6.15am with just an hour to get myself ready for work, both boys washed, dressed and breakfasted for school. Bags were packed, my lunch made and then the boys directed towards different televisions with the doors closed to block out their [...]

Don’t you, forget about me…..

The word 'transition' is one you will hear banded around a lot right now as children finish one year of school and prepare to go on to the next. There are certain times that are felt to to be 'key' transitions such as starting nursery, nursery to P1, P7 to secondary, but for a child [...]

A tale of two lives

Today I want to talk to you about two different couples. The first couple are twenty somethings who have settled down, gotten married and bought a beautiful house in the suburbs. Both have jobs they love. They both work hard and earn good salaries. Both have careers where there are plenty of opportunities for promotion [...]

Back to School Toolkit

The holidays have been looooooooong and whilst they have brought their own set of challenges, a new period is emerging which involves anxieties about returning to school. 6 or 7 weeks of no contact with teachers, many of their peers and the school building itself is a massively long period for any child, but especially [...]