A list of the books I have read and would completely recommend (with a link on where to purchase it underneath).

Watch out for some detailed reviews of them coming soon….

This was the very first book I bought and read about attachment. It is a really great starting point and is one I would recommend as an essential book to buy before your child joins your family. It will help to prepare you for things to come!

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 20.33.41
Learning the Dance of Attachment – Holly Van Gulden and Charlotte Vick


It is not just parents that need to prepare for their new arrival, it is great to get the wider family involved with some early understanding too. This books does it perfectly.

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Related by Adoption – BAAF

Are you looking for a really short, simple book to let someone understand the basics of attachment? This is perfect. Short, clear, concise.

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A guide to Attachment – John Timpson


Many children join your family with a Life story Book already started. My advice is to decide if it is really in the format that you think best for your child. To give you some ideas on the best order and just generally some guidance on what to include, this book gives lots of hints and tips.

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Life Story Books for Adopted Children – Joy Rees


It is essential to be prepared with a book that can be used to discuss adoption with your child. This book helps enormously. It takes your child through the different stages of adoption in an age appropriate way.

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All About Adoption – Marc Nemiroff and Jane Annunziata


Sometimes it is so refreshing to read the story of someone else’s adoption story and to realise that you have so many similarities – it really helps to normalise your life. This for me was a real turning point and was the inspiration behind starting this blog. You will laugh, cry and need a good glass of wine with this one! This has become one of my all time favourite books. An absolute must read.

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No Matter What – Sally Donovan


Being an Adoptive Parent requires a completely new way of parenting – therapeutic parenting. This means ditching all those punitive discipline strategies and using more empathetic approaches. Haven’t a clue where to begin? Begin with this book. It is very clear and gives lots of great examples.

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Why Can’t my Child Behave – Dr Amber Elliott


The most important thing above all, is that you help your child to learn to connect with you, and enable yourself to connect with your child. A great method for doing this is by introducing theraplay techniques. This easy to follow guide gives lots of activities to do together.

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Parenting the Theraplay Way

This book is, for me, the Bible of all things attachment within education. If you teach children with attachment difficulties, or your are parent with school-aged children, this is an essential read.

Inside I’m Hurting – Louise Michelle Bomber


This booklet style publication from National Children’s Bureau is great for teachers reading about attachment within education. It helps to aid an understanding of attachment and how it can affect pupils within school settings.

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Understanding Why – National Children’s Bureau

Three small booklets that really give lots of insight for educators come from Post Adoption Central Support. My favourite in particular is Stop wasting my Time which is all case studies looking at examples of behaviour and explaining how it is attachment issues coming in to play. The leaflet, Adoption, Attachment and Your School can be downloaded for free.

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Post Adoption Central Support Leaflets

A fairly new booklet is this one from Braveheart Education. I have to admit, I have not had the chance to read it through completely YET. But it is on my list! What I have read of it so far is excellent though. You can purchase a hard copy or download it for free.

Screen Shot 2017-06-09 at 21.18.35
Attachment &Trauma Issues in Educational Setting – Braveheart Education


Finally, this publication comes from Adoption UK and is one of the best booklets I have read on attachment for aiding understanding in schools. The picture below shows the Northern Ireland version, but the link attached is for the newly published Scottish version.


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Let’s Learn Together – Adoption UK