Rowan Tree Forest School

It's official, I am setting up a Forest School! I know it has been far too long since I last wrote a blog post and for that I am truly sorry. You will know by now that I never seem to make things simple on myself and there are constant twists and turns of new … Continue reading Rowan Tree Forest School

A Shift of Focus

It's Friday 22nd December at 8pm. I am sitting with dimmed lights, the Christmas tree lights on, a glass of mulled wine and a Salted Caramel Galaxy chocolate bar. Michael Buble Christmas album on vinyl is playing (NOTHING beats vinyl) and all around outside of my little oasis, there is silence. M is away on … Continue reading A Shift of Focus

Exclusion is NEVER the answer

In session 2012/2013 (the year in which my son was excluded from school) 21,955 exclusions from school took place across Scotland. 21,955 phone calls made to parents or carers informing them that the behaviour of their child was not deemed acceptable in their school. Of those numbers, 9,608 children had additional support needs. Of those … Continue reading Exclusion is NEVER the answer