A tale of two lives

Today I want to talk to you about two different couples. The first couple are twenty somethings who have settled down, gotten married and bought a beautiful house in the suburbs. Both have jobs they love. They both work hard and earn good salaries. Both have careers where there are plenty of opportunities for promotion … Continue reading A tale of two lives

Back to School Toolkit

The holidays have been looooooooong and whilst they have brought their own set of challenges, a new period is emerging which involves anxieties about returning to school. 6 or 7 weeks of no contact with teachers, many of their peers and the school building itself is a massively long period for any child, but especially … Continue reading Back to School Toolkit

Swap the punitive for ‘Logical Lessons’

Before reading this blog post, I want you to do something really simple but highly important to truly understand in a practical way, what I am discussing ……take your watch off and leave it at home for the day! Punishment, Consequences, Behaviour Management, Discipline – these are all phrases that are thrown in to conversation … Continue reading Swap the punitive for ‘Logical Lessons’

Edinburgh Blogging Conference and the inspiration to vlog 

A couple of weeks ago, an event popped up on my Facebook page advertising the first Edinburgh Blogger's conference. Looking at the programme of events, I was instantly intrigued.....but I wasn't sure if it was going to be for me. I put out some feelers to see if any other bloggers I knew were going. … Continue reading Edinburgh Blogging Conference and the inspiration to vlog