All change at The Wee Reading Neuk

Despite what children with attachment issues believe, the ending of something is not necessarily a bad thing. For example, the end of the long winter sees the start of warmer months and beautiful new spring life in the form of both pants and animals. The end of a year gives time for a fresh start, new resolutions and goals. 
An ending is about to take place at The Wee Reading Neuk but with it, the start of something new and exciting. As many of you will know, as well as an adoptive Mum and blogger, I have been an organiser for Usborne Books at Home. This has been an amazing opportunity that has seen me make a lot of new friends, it has given me back a sense of ‘me’ again and above all, it gave me the confidence to take diving lessons again, pass my test and get my own car. These experiences have been priceless. However, over the past few months, my heart and head have been pulled in a new direction- I have seen just how powerful my blog has become and how instrumental it could be in bringing about the much needed changes we need more widely spread within education for our children with attachment issues. 

So what is the plan- firstly, expect a name change! I have just finalised the new name for the blog and so watch for that appearing soon. Our associated Facebook, twitter and Pinterest pages will be much more active giving lots of recommended strategies and resources. For a behind the scenes look at our family life, you will be able to get an insight on our instagram page. Expect blog posts much more regularly too- my aim is three times a week. A new feature will be some reviews of tried and tested adoption resources such as books etc. I am also hoping to have some guest appearances from those I regard as the ‘gurus’ of attachment. There of course will still be the usual posts looking at our family life and how I am still continuing to learn about attachment every day.

I want to thank you all so much for the support you have given me so far, and I can’t wait to be bringing you so much more! 

Lora x

4 thoughts on “All change at The Wee Reading Neuk

  1. Look forward to your new developments Lora. Have just become a volunteer for Adoption UK too and I work in education so hopefully our paths will cross soon. All the best, Christine x


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